3D Scanning!

It is unusual that we would go into this next step, until we got further into the project financially, however, I know the man from this scanning company. We are very old friends. I figured if they could get the scans ready, I could pay for them as soon as the school got more funding. Tom was gracious enough to go with that as they were also using it as a learning tool for his nephew, a UT Arlington student— Lex Bocanegra. Lex is studying Aerospace Engineering. When the scans are ready, I’ll put together a video about the entire scanning process. It is fascinating. But here is a quick look.
I need a scan of the real chair. A scan of Booker T in the small chair and then just a scan of Booker T. I will use Booker T’s scan to fit him into the scan of the real chair. Our small chair is nice for what it does, but it does not look exactly like the real chair from that period. Just wait for the video. All of this will begin to make sense.

3D Scanning is a great entry level field for students to consider.

The Creaform Scanner captures great detail quickly and acurately.
Lex is learning quickly.


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